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Repair auto exhaust bellows

Worn corrugated exhaust system of the car - just one of the problems with the muffler , and requiring rapid replacement of this part of the exhaust system. It is replacing corrugated, because multilayer structure of corrugated metal muffler makes it impractical and impossible to repair it . And why skimp on the product , which is inexpensive .
The sooner you contact our service center for repair and tuning of the exhaust system , the exhaust would be cheaper to repair and did not encounter any problems with the exhaust system of your car . After worn corrugation can not protect the exhaust system from mechanical vibrations , vibrations transmitted to the engine , which , in general, and it is created. Signs of deterioration corrugations - a characteristic roar from the muffler , smoke gas smell gas in the car.
Corrugation vehicle's exhaust system . What is it and what is it for?
Corrugation vehicle's exhaust system is one of the most important elements of the muffler. Corrugation muffler is a flexible element of high-alloy steel with a durable metal braid . When driving with the car seats , and when the speed of the movement of the engine being on rubber pads and under its own weight deviates from its original position . These offsets engine creates pressure and jerks on the muffler and can damage the exhaust system. Flute playing as a buffer and allows you to pay off these vibrations as the engine and the muffler of the exhaust system and protect against premature failure. Therefore, many of today's cars both imported and domestically produced set flute as an elastic connection elements of the exhaust system of the car . It should be noted that the ridge of the muffler can be purchased and installed , not only when you decide to repair the exhaust system, but also during the use of the car , if not present in the exhaust system of your car . If your car at the exhaust system does not have flutes , the flute is set as an additional element of tuning a car muffler .
How to identify the need to replace the muffler corrugations in your car ?
Corrugation muffler though she acts as a damper exhaust system, it is also considered one of the weakest points of the exhaust system of any vehicle . Despite the fact that the flute itself is strong enough to play a role chipper , it easily incapacitated by mechanical damage , especially in cars with low clearance . Also replacement of corrugated muffler may need in case of failure of the catalytic converter exhaust system, engine mounts wear pads and mounting of the silencer. Real negative impact on the flute have - chemicals on the roads, which littered our streets of St. Petersburg , and poor fuel with octane -enhancing additives of various poor quality . Wear and tear , burn-out or broken exhaust bellows easily identified by its characteristic loud buzzing sound, like Breaking the muffler , and the smell of exhaust gases under the hood and in the car. Detecting these symptoms are advised to contact the experts of our service centers , as the price to replace the entire muffler is higher than the replacement of one of its elements - flutes . In the repair and replacement mufflers should be aware that the corrugation of auto exhaust system is beyond repair . Ridge of the muffler can only be replaced by a new one.
Want cheaper to repair muffler ? Offers of our car service and discounts for regular customers to repair the exhaust system will actually save you money.
In most garages to repair the exhaust system by replacing the failed flutes offer to replace it with exhaust pipe assembly , arguing this point that " corrugation and exhaust pipe are included ." For most car owners such replacement exhaust system parts seem unreasonably expensive. Our auto repair , understanding customers and respecting their wishes, offers its proposal to replace the bellows with the simultaneous repair of exhaust pipe . This repair option exhaust system is much more economical and better for the customer in every way. The specially developed technologies for welding an exhaust system , we provide high quality weld the muffler , as the producers of silencers , and this minimizes the burning of alloying elements muffler that ensures long-term continued operation of the exhaust system of the vehicle or heating systems in private homes. The experience and professionalism of our specialists will carry out any repair exhaust system as soon as possible .
Everyone who applied to our organization customer is important to us , so we are pleased to offer a free diagnosis of the exhaust system as a sign of attention to our customers . Such checking the exhaust system will allow time to identify the problem with the muffler and eliminate all the causes of the initial stage of wear, without waiting for the big expensive damage to your car . It offers a highly professional repairman exhaust system of automobiles , modern equipment for quality repair and spare parts for the muffler leading manufacturers.

Our auto repair repair exhaust system produces:
• Tuning exhaust,
• Welding mufflers,
• installation and replacement of corrugated exhaust system on any vehicle .
List of vehicles for which we produce repair of exhaust systems:
• Acura ( Acura )
• Alfa Romeo ( Alfa Romeo )
• Audi ( Audi )
• BMW ( BMW )
• Brilliance ( Brilliance )
• BYD ( BYD )
• Cadillac ( Cadillac )
• Chery ( Chery )
• Chevrolet ( Chevy )
• Chrysler ( Chrysler )
• Citroen ( Citroen )
• Daewoo ( Daewoo )
• Dodge ( Dodge )
• FAW ( RFO )
• Ford ( Ford )
• Geely ( Gilly )
• Great Wall ( GREIT Ox )
• Honda ( Honda )
• Hummer ( Hummer )
• Hyundai ( Hyundai )
• Infiniti ( Infiniti )
• Jaguar ( Jaguar )
• JEEP ( jeep )
• KIA ( KIA )
• Land Rover ( Land Rover )
• Lexus ( Lexus )
• Mazda ( Mazda )
• Mercedes ( Mercedes) ,
• Mitsubishi ( Mitsubishi )
• Nissan ( Nissan )
• Opel ( Opel )
• Peugeot ( Peugeot )
• Porsche ( Porsche )
• Renault ( Renault )
• Skoda ( Skoda )
• Ssang Yong ( SsangYong )
• Subaru ( Subaru )
• Suzuki ( Suzuki )
• Toyota ( Toyota )
• Volkswagen ( VW )
• Volvo ( Volvo ) .